Four-State Flagship Rate

Loras College Four-State Flagship-Rate Tuition Program

Currently, 100% of incoming students receive Loras scholarships or other financial assistance from a variety of sources, including grants, loans and work study. Learn more about our Four-State Flagship Tuition Program.

Worried you won’t qualify for financial assistance? With guidance from our financial aid staff, you can locate scholarships, grants, and a variety of other financial resources to help cover expenses throughout your time at Loras. Apply today and see what we have to offer.

An at-a-glance guide to applying for financial aid:

1. Apply for admission to Loras College. Financial assistance cannot be offered until a student has been accepted to Loras College. Apply for admission after the start of your senior year.

2. Beat the financial aid application deadline. Apply for financial assistance at Loras College by April 15.

3. Fill out the appropriate financial assistance forms. All families are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available online at after January 1 for the next academic year. Some types of assistance are not available to students who do not complete this document. To have the results sent to Loras College, you need to include the Loras Title IV Code of 001873.

4. Relay other pertinent information to us. Financial need is determined by the federal processor using the FAFSA. However, the Office of Financial Planning realizes this calculation does not consider additional circumstances that a family may have, so it is important to communicate your specific situation to our office. It is also important that you report all financial assistance awards from external sources to our office.

5. Financial assistance letters are sent via US mail. Typically, families will receive their financial assistance letter in mid-March.